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Friday, February 12, 2010


senamrobik johan jbs tahniah kepada anda teruskan usaha kepada anda diluar sana ayuh kita bersenam 3 kali seminggu menyehatkan anda.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Six Pack Tip - Building Muscles With Crunches

Most articles on how to get a six pack fast will tell you that the best way to go about this endeavor is to do crunches. Crunches are without a doubt the most popular exercises when it comes to losing belly fat and getting a trimmer abdomen. Crunches work to strengthen one's abdominal muscles, preparing it to part with excess body fat found in the area. But while the concept behind crunches, it takes dedication, patience, and willpower to survive in the path on how to get a six pack fast.
In order to know how to get a six pack fast through the employment of crunches, read on and get into position. First, lie on the floor and cross arms directly on your chest; it's up to you to use a mat or not. Then, bend your knees up as far as they can go, but make sure not to place both your hands behind your head; this will cause back problems over time because it puts unnecessary stress. If you want, you may choose to cross your arms directly in front of your chest and put your fingertips right behind your ears. Then, to proceed with how to get a six pack fast, draw in your abdomen to your spin as you inhale a long breath through your nose. Strictly using your abdominal muscles, raise your upper torso or shoulders to your knees.
How to get a six pack fast is very possible with crunches. Remember that the most important part when doing this particular exercise is the initial flexing of the abdominal muscles as you lift your shoulders off the floor. Keep a regulated pattern of breathing and make sure not to life your entire back to avoid problems.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

mesyuarat jawatankuasa gym jelebu

sekali lagi mesyuarat kelab gymnasium daerah jelebu telah berlansung di bilik gerakkan jkr pada 05 febuari 2010 pada jam 3.00 petang. Dalam mesyuarat ini diantara agenda ucapan aluan pengerusi majlis, taklimat gymnasium rakyat, pemilihan jawatankuasa kelab gymnasium jelebu, perbincangan program, hal-hal lain.

Mesyuarat ini berjalan dengan jayanya dan pemilihan jawatankuasa bagi tahun 2010 sebulat suara memilih En.Yahya Bin Md Yusoff sebagai presiden kelab gymnasium daerah jelebu, setiauasaha En.Mohd Saiful Bin Ismail, bendahari hajjah Nor Aisyah Binti Hj. Jawi dan ahli jawatankuasa kecil dilantik bagi menggerkkan program yang akan dijalankan di gymnasium jelebu.

bagi permulaan perkenalan gym jelebu kepada masyarakat jelebu amnya 17 febuari 2010 dibuka secara percuma sehingga 28 febuari 2010 bermula pada jam 5.00 petang hingga 7.00 malam.